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+ I can only accept PAYPAL at this time.
+ Please send all payments as "Personal" payments, or an additional fee will be added to cover paypal fees. This is important - do not send payments as a "Purchase" or I will have to refund your payment.
+ Items will be shipped to you AFTER I receive your payment.

+ You are responsible for shipping and handling costs. Prices do not include shipping/handling fees. Items will be packaged based on their sensitivity/fragility and shipped standard unless you request otherwise. If you want tracking, please request it! I will get shipping quotes directly from the post office.

+ Currently I will ship international, but bear in mind it is fairly expensive (I am shipping from the United States).

+ Serious buyers only please. I realize that you may change your mind due to shipping, which is perfectly fine, just let me know that you're no longer interested in buying so I can open your items to other buyers.

+ My feedback page is tiny because this is my first time selling. Please rest assured that I am not misrepresenting anything I am selling (if you have any questions about the items, please don't hesitate to ask, or request more photographs, etc).

+ Regarding Linkin Park merchandise, and particularly the LPUnderground stuff: I am not some creepy bootlegger. All of these items are things I accumulated over 8 years as a fan, LPU member, street team member, and probably obsessive fangirl. I took excellent care of everything unless otherwise noted. If you have issue with me selling the LPU stuff then don't buy it - I know it's frowned upon but I have no use for it anymore. I provided thorough photographs of all merchandise but if you require more, just ask.
+ If you are buying Linkin Park merchandise, I will include 1 sticker (valued at $1) per every $10 you spend. (ex. $30 = three $1 stickers) If you buy 2 or more t-shirts, I will include a free sampler. All LP purchases will include free fliers, provided they fit in your packaging.

+ If you don't have a LiveJournal account but you would like to buy something, e-mail me at uzumakisasuke [at] live [dot] com instead.


+ Linkin Park merchandise.
+ Books, manga, doujin.
+ Music CDs/DVDs.
+ Make-up, jewelery, etc.
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