shima-kun. (pushingmeaway) wrote,

Please follow these instructions when making payments or I will be forced to refund your money and keep your items.

large card stock Meteora cd cover [signed by entire band at a meet & greet] $15

small mike shinoda art booklet $15

orange hybrid theory soldier poster (slight damage) $2

elevator? group poster $3

medium card stock Minutes To Midnight poster $5

rectangular Breaking the Habit stickers (x29) $1

square Live In Texas stickers (x49) $1

square Fort Minor stickers (x3 for type 1, x7 for type 2, x11 for type 3) $1

square Meteora stickers (x18) $1

long rectangular b&w linkin park Hybrid Theory sticker $3

medium rectangular lp gothic font stickers (x46) $1

medium rectangular art day stickers (x3 of each type) $1

Faint cards/stickers (mike x13, brad x14, rob x13, phx, joe, chester x1) $1

circular burgundy/white ht soldier patch $3
rectangular b&w linkin park ht patch $3

square spraypaint lp pin $1 [ON HOLD]

Live In Texas fliers (x45) (free)
Breaking The Habit fliers (x21) (free)

Phoenix bass pick (caught at a show) $2

Atreyu pick (grips were already carved in) $2

LPU 3.0 newsletter/poster (x1) $3

LPU 5.0 stickers $5

LPU postcards $7

LPU stickers, etc ($1 for smaller stickers (small sticker sold), $2 for larger; pin and patch are $2; keychain is $3 [SOLD]; cards are free [SOLD])

drunknmunky ($3) & matix ($1) stickers

photo copy $1

LPU 8.0 pack MINUS CD [CD SOLD, the rest ON HOLD] $3

LPU 7.0 pack w/ newsletter MINUS CD [CD SOLD, the rest ON HOLD] $5

(My phase of wearing clothes as baggy and huge as I possibly can ended several years ago and I currently wear a small or medium u_u so these t-shirts have been neglected in my closet. Most of them were only worn a few times, usually to bed >_>, and have been washed. Prices are based on how "like new" they are, not how "rare" they are, or anything like that.)

LPU8 t-shirt, size XL $10

LPU7 t-shirt, size XXL $10

LPU5 t-shirt, size XXL $7

LPU3 t-shirt, size XXL $7

LPU2 t-shirt, size XXL $7

LPU1 t-shirt, size L $10

Projekt Revolution 2004 t-shirt, size L $7

Projekt Revolution 2004 t-shirt, size XL $7

2008 Winter European/North American tour t-shirt (w/ tour dates on the back) size XXL $10

Mike Shinoda art t-shirt, size XXL $15

Bomb t-shirt, size XL $13

Reanimation t-shirt, size L $10

Gray/blue Meteora t-shirt, size XL $7

Meteora "3" t-shirt, size XXL (more like XXXL) $5

Music For Relief t-shirt, size L $5

MSDC Clientele Remix DC Shoes (2004)
US size 13 (men's)
Color: White/Brown
Price: $50[SOLD]
reanimation poster $3 [SOLD]
red hybrid theory group poster $3 [SOLD]
blue meteora group poster $3 [SOLD]
brown meteora group poster [signed by entire band at meet and greet] (slight damage: corner torn, can be taped back on when placed on wall) $10 [SOLD]
2005 calendar (staples removed and images separated from calendar to put on wall) $3 [SOLD]
Projekt Revolution booklet (free) [SOLD]
square b&w Hybrid Theory soldier sticker $3 [SOLD]
ms dc shoe remix fliers (free) [SOLD]
Fort Minor fliers (x2) (free) [SOLD]
LPU 2.0 newsletter/poster $3 [SOLD]
LPU 6.0 newsletter/poster $3 [SOLD]
LPU 1.0 newsletter $2 [SOLD]
LPU newsletter $2 [SOLD]
LPU newsletter w/ pics $3 [SOLD]
LPU plaque (new, sealed) $30 [SOLD]
Hybrid Theory long-sleeve shirt, size L $10 [SOLD]
animated group poster (larger than other posters) $5 [SOLD]
red hybrid theory soldier poster $3 [SOLD]
large size Fort Minor promotional posters (x2) (free) [SOLD]
square Reanimation stickers (x2 for type 1, x1 for type 2) $1 [SOLD]
square LP spraypaint sticker (x1) $1 [SOLD]
circular lp/jz stickers (x1) $1 [SOLD]
signed photo copy 1 $3 [SOLD]
signed photo copy 2 $3 [SOLD]
key thing...? $3 [SOLD]
LP "asian font" t-shirt, size XL $10 [SOLD]
Meteora t-shirt, size XXL (this is more like a XXXL to be honest) $5 [SOLD]
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